Dessert Menu

Tiramisu   18

Kahlua foam, mascarpone cream 

Profiteroles    22

vanilla gelato with dark chocolate sauce 

Baba Rum   22

lime frappe, pineapple, vanilla gelato

Chocolate Soufflé   22

vanilla anglaise and pistachio gelato

Bomboloni 22

ricotta donuts, lightly fried and served with vanilla and chocolate dipping sauce 

Torta di Castagne 22

mont blanc, chestnut creme and vanilla chantilly 

Seasonal Fruit Plate   20

fresh and seasonal fruit plate  


Vanilla Bean   18

(Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar)

Dark Chocolate   18

(Valhrona chocolate imported from france )

Cappuccino   18

(Miscela d’Oro beans from sicily)

Strawberry   18

(organic and locally grown strawberries)

Hazelnut 22 

(hazelnuts imported from piemonte)

Pistachio 25 

(bronte pistachios imported from sicily)

Maple Syrup 18 

(maple syrup imported from canada)


made with fresh organic fruits

Lemon   18

Raspberry   18

Mango   18

Pineapple   18 

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