Daily Specials



Carrot and Ginger soup  28

Lentil soup with spinach 28  




Mussels Marinara   28

Tuna Tartare   32

Italian Crudo: Bass, Snapper, Tuna, Scallops, Sardines, Hamachi & Uni   65

Caravaggio Salad With Dates, Goat Cheese, Persimmons And Walnuts   28

Vitello Tonnato   45

Cotechino With Lentils 35

Porcini Milanese with Melted Parmesan Cheese 40

Grilled Camembert with figs and orange marmalade 35 

Artichoke with melted pecorino romano cheese and black olives 32 

Radicchio salad with Robiola dressing and walnuts 30

Mache Salad with beets, goat cheese and walnuts 32

White Asparagus with morels, parmesan cheese and quail egg 55 




Gnocchi with winter black truffles 55

Black Fettuccine with mixed fish, tomato, olives and capers   35

 Lasagna Bolognese 40

Paccheri Genovese   38

Spaghetti with gorgonzola and black olives 38

Risotto with radicchio and shrimp 45

Black Ravioli stuffed with mixed fish, and served with roasted peppers 40

Mushroom Ravioli with black truffle sauce 75

Veal tortelloni with radicchio and veal jus 45

Risotto with artichoke and black truffle 75

Pasta mista with lamb ragu 38

Tagolini with shrimps and garlic pesto 45

Linguini with Broccoli rabe and bottarga 40

Orecchiette primavera, with basil pesto and pecorino cheese 35

Ziti with Duck Ragu 40



Swordfish with string beans, butter and lemon sauce 55 

Orata with jumbo lump crabmeat, black truffle and lobster sauce 55

Softshell Crabs served with morels, asparagus and fava beans 75

Black Bass with vegetable ragu, mixed mushrooms, clams and saffron 55 

Halibut with clams and tomatoes 65



Organic chicken breast with herbs, broccoli rabe and sausage 42

Giuseppe’s Chicken Meatballs with peas, canellini beans in a fresh tomato sauce

New York Strip Steak (for one)with brussel sprouts, hazelnuts, red wine reduction and potato puree 65

Osso Buco with mashed cauliflower 75

Duck Breast with foie gras, figs and turnips 65

Chicken Livers with polenta 42 

Quails with artichokes and shishito peppers 55 




Side Dishes

Broccoli Rabe

American Broccoli 

Shishito Peppers 

Brussel Sprouts With bacon, garlic and oil 

String Beans

sauteed Spinach

Roasted Potatoes

Snow Peas 



Caravaggio cookie plate 20

Macedonia fruit plate 25

Chocolate soufflee with vanilla gelato   25

Bronte Pistachio cannoli 25

Bronte Pistachio gelato and brioche, chocolate sauce and espresso powder 25

Pastiera Nepolitana served with passionfruit-mango sorbet 25 

Carrot cake with ricotta mousse and vanilla gelato 22 

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